blackpink wiistile

8.2 mizuki chan@ 6 2021-01-05
blackpink wiistile - lisa rose jennie jisson (2×3)

lisa rose jennie jisson

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shits is better than you bich. Fucking u stop with bullishits of blackpink fucking bich fuck u in your shit-face lol you are shit of shits i fucked up your stupid life bichhhhhhhhhh oh look who's talking. Shut up shit of shits. You are the biggest bich shit. Fuck u stupid shit bitch of biches. And i don't like blackpink beacause is idiot group, all members is biches and i don't like their songs. You have a problem? I want so much u dead. Fucking up. NAMJESUS fuck up bich. fuck you NAMJESUS idon't care your stupid opinion stupid bich. Shut up and fuck up. You are a stupid bich bye. KPOP JESUS i don't like so much but if you like ok, no problem ok bye i gtg lolololol and i wouldn't be talking bc i bet u look like a dead cockroach lmaoooo what did blackpink ever do to u bc they pretty nice if u tell me my goshhhhhh more like the biggest stupidest bitchhh ANSWER STUPID BITCHHH!!!! oop and i dont want to hear wining i want to hear a clear reason bitchhhhhh w-why do u hate blackpink whats so rong with them what did they do to make u hate them no im im asking u what did they do i hate blackpink Hello es jisoo no jisson

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