Divas vincenti

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Divas vincenti - Blackpink di nuovo vince alla grande (2×2)

Blackpink di nuovo vince alla grande

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hello haters of blackpink (if you are a hater i love you) capoeira♥ sorry no choi is you how are you hello hello girls Hello blinks jennie hi jennie ok is your opinion blackpink is a good girl group. Its ok! i love I don't like blackpink Można po polsku?! NAMJESUS You're not going to tell us what to do. Also,Jennie is stupid. Look at yourself and think more before you talk. You can't define what everyone likes. i don't like is so bad. And i hate so much blackpink. I hate blinks too. We hate blackpink hermosa domelipa great puzzle !!!!!!!!! a mi me gusta mucho blackpink asique me gustan las fotos i love she so much! uhhh my bias is jennie:) who is your bias in blackpink. my bias is rose PERIOD!!!!! i love blackpink and if u dont like that then LEAVE Blakpin why? no megusta blackpinkkkk

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