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Lo real maravilloso americano (pl. "American miraculous reality") - a theoretical-literary term introduced by Alejo Carpentier in his preface to the novel Kingdom of this world published in 1949. The term also applies to Latin American properties as well as to literary creation. According to Carpentier, wonder is the inherent state of Latin America , in which everything - geography , nature , folklore - is lined with a miracle. This conclusion led the writer to his stay in Haiti in 1943, when he particularly felt the saturation of his surroundings with wonder . Carpentier postulates that this wondrousness should become a new way of creating literature , saturating it not with the intellect, but actually a miracle experienced in the ordinary. According to Carpentier, it is sufficient to describe Latin America to achieve such an effect. The term lo real maravilloso has long been associated with the term magical realism, but in time it began to be distinguished. This distinction is not strict and often depends on the researcher , e.g. Juan Barroso considers lo real maravilloso a variation of magical realism, including works that take place in Latin America , while José Antonio Bravo and Marina Gálvez think it is rather specific , sensitive to the wonderful, perception of reality.