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The gorge of the Dzika Orlica - a breakthrough valley in north-central Bohemia, in the Orlické Mountains in the Central Sudetes. The groundbreaking valley is located in the Eagle Mountains in the area of the "Earth's Gate" nature reserve (Czech: Přírodní rezervace "Zemská" brána), between Lesica on the north-east side and Klášterec nad Orlicí on the south-west side, about 6.5 km west from the center of Międzylesie. Behind Lesica, in the place where the Red Stream flows into Dzika Orlica, Dzika Orlica rapidly changes its current to the southwest, leaves the Polish borders and influences the area of the "Earth Gate" nature reserve, where it forms one of the prettiest The Eagle Mountains gorges. This is the so-called section of Dzika Orlice under the settlement of Čihák, where the river crosses the lowered ridge of the Orlické Mountains across the river, cutting more than 100 m deep below the ridge. The 2.2 km section of the river carved a valley in strong but cracked gneiss rocks and penetrated the Czech territory. At the bottom of the narrow stony riverbed, wrapped gneiss boulders are lying on the stretch of several hundred meters, and the banks are surrounded by steep, expressive gneiss rocks, which give the impression of a natural entrance gate through which the river flows into the Czech Republic. In the past passed the smuggling trail "Smugglers Footbridge" (Pašerácka lávka). Centuries ago, the proximity of the Austrian border helped local residents to survive. Austrian cigars, tobacco, gunpowder, as well as luxury goods, coffee and chicory were carried along this route.