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Audiovisual production is the production of content for audiovisual media; especially cinema and television ; regardless of the support used ( film, video, digital video ) and gender ( fiction, documentary, advertising, etc.).

In relation to Audiovisual Creation, audiovisual production is the result of the combination of several needs: industrial, commercial, entertainment, cultural or artistic. After all these needs there is always, in equal parts in what is important, a capital investment, a mixture of work and technical resources and an organizational plan. It is this planning that is known, both in the world of the film industry and in the television industry, as audiovisual production. Due to the importance of the production process, the way of organizing it will be essential for the success or failure of the work. In reference to production, the differences between the audiovisual company and companies that operate in other sectors are minimal.

In all production, it is essential to develop a work plan. Within this planning, it is necessary to clearly define: What will be recorded, who will be present at the recording, where it will take place, when it will be done and how it will be done. Despite the rigid structure of planning, production is not a process in which creativity and expressiveness are absent. The producer, right hand of the producer, is the one who makes use of that creativity and expressiveness, within the limits that have been marked.