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A vase (, , or ) is an open container. It can be made from a number of materials, such as ceramics , glass , non-rusting metals, such as aluminum, brass , bronze or stainless steel . Even wood has been used to make vases, either by using tree species that naturally resist rot, such as teak, or by applying a protective coating to conventional wood . Vases are often decorated, and they are often used to hold cut flowers . Vases generally have a similar shape . The foot or the base may be bulbous, flat, carinate, or another shape . The body forms the main portion of the piece. Some vases have a shoulder , where the body curves inward, a neck , which gives height, and a lip , where the vase flares back out at the top. Some vases are also given handles. Various styles and types of vases have been developed around the world in different time periods, such as Chinese ceramics and Native American pottery .