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Our. Traveling with the enemy (lit. Mūsiškiai) - a book by Rūta Vanagaitė and Efraim Zuroff published in January 2016, which is a record of the authors' journey to places of mass murders of the Jewish population carried out in Lithuania during World War II. It achieved great success on the Lithuanian publishing market and sparked heated debate about the involvement of Lithuanians in the extermination of Jews. The main axis of the song is a record of the journey that in 2015 Rūta Vanagaitė made together with "Nazi hunter" Efraim Zuroff in search of places of massacres of the Jewish population in Lithuania and the last witnesses of the crime. When writing it, Vanagaitė used archival materials, including documents from the archives of the Soviet KGB. The book cites numerous examples of mass murders and plunders that Lithuanian nationalists and collaborators collaborated with Germany were guilty of in the years 1941–1944. Vanagaitė did not hide that at the beginning of work on the book she had little knowledge about the Holocaust. She claims that one of the reasons that prompted her to write Ours was the news that some members of her family participated in the extermination of Jews. The genesis of cooperation with Zuroff, who due to his uncompromising criticism of the lack of Lithuanian settlements with the Holocaust is extremely unpopular in the author's homeland, was described in the following way: The Lithuanian publisher did not decide to put Zuroff's name on the cover of the book in fear that it would deter potential readers . Ours were published by the Lithuanian publishing house Alma litter in January 2016, initially in a circulation of 2,000.