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Los exitosos Pells ( Spanish for "The successful Pells") is a 2008 - 2009 Argentine telenovela , produced by Underground Producciones and Endemol, and aired by Telefe . It started being aired on November 5, 2008 , replacing Vidas Robadas at 10:30PM. After a pair of schedule changes, it returned to 10:30PM until its end on July 15, 2009 . The story is about a successful couple of TV hosts from a news channel, Martín Pells (Mike Amigorena) and Sol Casenave (Carla Peterson). In the first episode Martín Pells falls into a coma , and the CEO of the channel hires an underground actor , Gonzalo Echague (also by Amigorena), who happens to be extremely similar to Pells, to replace him. Such replacement is done not only for the TV but also with friends and relatives, in order that nobody suspects the absence of the real Pells. Gonzalo, acting as Martin, discovers that Martin and Sol had broken up long ago and were only acting as a happy couple for the television cameras. In reality , Sol had another lover which she hid from the public , and Martin had a homosexual relationship with the son of the CEO of the channel. Nevertheless, Gonzalo falls in love with Sol, and the main storyline of the soap opera involves his attempts to build a relationship with her. The production earned 6 Martín Fierro awards for the 2008 year . The format was brought by many other countries which produced their own versions.