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Royal Palace in Łobzów - a historic palace from the 16th century located in Kraków at ul. Podchorążych 1 (a former suburb of Krakow), which is part of the palace and park complex in Łobzów, which is the royal property.

The history of this royal residence begins in the fourteenth century during the reign of Casimir the Great. At that time, a brick building with the character of a residential and defensive tower, called in the sources of the fortalicium, whose relics are still found in the walls of the palace, was erected next to the commercial route from Krakow to Silesia. A wooden gothic castle with a tower (castellum) was built in 1357 ( or 1367) by Casimir the Great and served as a royal summer residence. According to legend, there were lovers of Kazimierz Wielki, including the beautiful Esterka, with whom, according to Jan Długosz, he had two sons, Niemierza and Pełka, as well as daughters.

During the reign of Stefan Batory and Anna Jagiellon, at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries the Gothic residence was transformed into a Mannerist palace. He commissioned Batory to Santi Gucci.