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Weißwasser (Upper Sorbian: Běła Woda) is a town in Upper Lusatia in eastern Saxony, Germany . Weißwasser is the third largest town in the Görlitz district after Görlitz and Zittau. The town 's landmark is its water tower . Weißwasser was mentioned for the first time on 8 June 1552; the town 's name means " white water ". It became part of Prussian Silesia in 1815. In the 19th and 20th centuries, Weißwasser was the European centre of glass production. It became part of Prussian Lower Silesia in 1919. Weißwasser received its town charter on 28 August 1935. In the Second World War , 40% of the town was destroyed. With the dissolution of Prussia resulting from the war , the town became part of Saxony from 1945–52.