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Wysoki Kamień (German: Hochstein im Isergebirge, 1058 m) - a peak in the Western Sudetes, located in the High Ridge (Jizera Mountains), just above Szklarska Poręba. From the summit there is a panorama of the Giant Mountains, Jizera Mountains, Kaczawskie Mountains and Rudawy Janowickie. On the ridge running west from the main peak up to the Rozdroże pass near Zwalisko there are three outstanding rocky elevations 1050 (Big High Stone), 1025 Zawalidroga and 1023 (nameless). The red trail runs along this ridge. The High Stone Massif is located within the Karkonosze-Jizera Block, in the zone of granitoid contact of the Karkonosze Massif and the Jizera Metamorphic. The ridge is made of weather-resistant hornfels that form rocks at the top. The southern slopes form Carboniferous porphyry granites, the northern slopes are Old Paleozoic metamorphic rocks - gneisses and mica slates. In 1837, the Schaffgotschs, who owned these areas, built the Hochsteinbaude hut on the summit, as one of the first in the Sudetes, at which time the family also erected a shelter over Snowy Cauldrons. In 1875 an observation tower was built, but as early as 1882 the hostel building burned down.