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The Maria Cristina di Savoia Literary Prize was founded in 1963 by the Maria Cristina di Savoia Cultural Meetings organization to reward, every two years, the writers who, in the contemporary literature so widely impacted by a hopeless materialism, give proof – in the full freedom of their artistic expression – of being "sensitive to human and Christian values". This Prize has moreover a special physiognomy in having a Feminine Central Jury consisting of highly professional persons, with Second Tier Juries selected in the Meeting held all over Italy , in large and small towns of all the Regions, from Calabria, Sicily , Sardinia , to Friuli, Piedmont and Lombardy. The Prize is named after Queen Maria Cristina of Savoy, wife of Ferdinand of Bourbon who died, considered a saint , in 1836: it also organizes meetings with the participation of some seventy cultural and educational groups active in all parts of Italy . Winner works and authors since 1965 : 1966 – L' iguana (The Iguana ): Anna Maria Ortese. Ex equo with "The Passed Away Glory)": Umberto Cavasso 1968 – Dannata beatitudine (Damned Beatitude): Angelo Padellaro 1970 – Gli entronauti (The Intronauts): Piero Scanziani 1972 – Il diario di Gusen (The Gusen Diary ) : Aldo Carpi 1974 – La rivolta di Abele (Abel's Revolt ) : Giulio Bedeschi 1976 – Il figlio (The Son) : Gino Montesanto 1978 – La signora Teresa (Mrs. Teresa ) : Giovanni Mosca 1980 – Faccia da prete ( Priest 's Face ): Caludio Sorgi 1982 – Le mura del cielo (The Walls of Heaven ) : Ferruccio Ulivi 1984 – Galileo mio padre (Galileo, My Father ) : Luca Desiato 1986 – Cercando l'imperatore (Looking for the Emperor ): Roberto Pazzi 1988 – Trenta denari (Thirty Coins ) : Ferruccio Ulivi 1990 – Il caso anima (The Soul Case) : Giorgio De Simone 1992 – Konradin (Konradin) : Italo Alighiero Chiusano 1994 – Le storie dell 'ultimo giorno (Last Day 's Stories) : Stefano Jacomuzzi 1996 – Cominciò in Galilea (It Began in Galilee ) : Stefano Jacomuzzi 1998 – Se un Dio pietoso (About a Mercyful God) : Giovanni D'Alessandro 2000 – Il miracolo (The Miracle): Vittorio Messori 2002 – La dogana del duca (The Duke 's Toll): Giuseppe Bianchetti 2004 – L'Erede (The Heir) : Roberto Pazzi 2006 – 7 km da Gerusalemme (Seven Kilometers from Jerusalem) : Pino Farinotti 2008 – Ragionevoli Dubbi (Reasonable Doubts) : Gianrico Carofiglio Maria Cristina of Savoia (Cagliari, 14 November 1812 – Naples , 31 January 1836), Princess of the Kingdom of Sardinia , was the youngest daughter of Vittorio Emanuele I of Savoy and Maria Teresa of Habsburg-Este. Raised at the Court of Turin , she is recognized as 'Venerable' by the Catholic Church . In 1832, she married Ferdinando II of the Two Sicilies, becoming the Queen of that Reign . Their wedding was celebrated on 21 November 1832 in the Nostra Signora dell 'Acquasanta Sanctuary in Genoa . She died in childbirth on 21 January 1837.