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The Konik ( Polish : konik polski or konik biłgorajski) or the Polish primitive horse is a small, semi-feral horse, originating in Poland . The Polish word konik (plural koniki) is the diminutive of koń, the Polish word for "horse" (sometimes confused with kuc, kucyk meaning " pony "). However, the name "konik" or " Polish konik" is used to refer to certain specific breeds. Koniks show many primitive markings, including a dun coat and dorsal stripe. The breed has a strong and stocky build, small head with a straight profile, and a neck set low out of the chest . The Konik has a deep chest , a thick mane, and the hair coat is blue dun, often colloquially called " mouse - gray ". The Konik is short in height, ranging from 130–140 cm (12.3–13.3 hands ). Minimum heartgirth measurement is 165 cm (65 in), and minimum cannon bone measurement 16.5 cm (6.5 in) for mares, 17.5 cm (6.9 in) for stallions. Weight is 350–400 kg (770–880 lb). The Konik is a Polish horse breed descending from very hardy horses from the Biłgoraj region .