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National mourning in Poland - it was introduced since the partitions, during the existence of the Second Polish Republic, World War II, the People's Republic of Poland and the Third Polish Republic. It is announced by the President of the Republic of Poland or a person performing his duties. In the period of the Third Polish Republic, the legal basis for introducing national mourning is Art. 11 of the Act of 31 January 1980 on the coat of arms, colors and anthem of the Republic of Poland and on state seals. In Poland, national mourning is introduced by the President of the Republic of Poland in the form of an ordinance with a countersignature of the Prime Minister. An exception to this rule was the introduction of national mourning by the Council of Ministers by resolution of April 3, 2005 No. 80/2005 (MP of 2005 No. 19, item 307) simultaneously with the ordinance of the President of the Republic of Poland. During the period of national mourning, the state flags on public buildings are lowered to half mast.