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Pegasus Seiya (天馬星座 (ペガサス)の星矢, Pegasasu no Seiya), also known as simply Seiya, is a fictional character in the Saint Seiya manga series created by Masami Kurumada. He is the thirteen-year-old protagonist that makes his debut in the first chapter "The Saints of Athena " (女神(アテナ)の聖闘士, Atena no Seinto), published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine in January 1986. Like most of Kurumada's characters, Seiya's design was inspired in the main character of his previous hit manga Ring ni Kakero, Takane Ryūji. Seiya is one of the eighty-eight mythical warriors known as Saints who have served the Goddess Athena throughout the ages, protecting justice and peace on Earth . As a Saint , Seiya dons one of the powerful armors of divine origins known as Cloths, the one which represents the constellation of Pegasus . He also possesses superhuman strength and speed, two of the many extraordinary abilities the Saints draw from their guardian constellations and an inner essence called Cosmo. Critical reception to Seiya has been mixed. While many enjoy his character design and call of justice , many reviewers feels is overshadowed by other characters and the way he handles fights.