material property - choose a jigsaw puzzle to solve

The right to ownership has been guaranteed in art . 14 of the German Basic Law and is one of the most important fundamental rights. Its content and limitations are set out in the Act. The subject of ownership are properties that in Germany are understood as: built-up and undeveloped plots of land ( land plots), buildings (residential or commercial real estate ) and land rights. Plot ( land property ) - this is a part of the land surface that is spatially limited and registered in the land and mortgage register on a separate land registration sheet or under its own number in the inventory on the common land registry sheet. The legal definition of a plot in the German Civil Code does not exist. Art . 905 BGB (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch - German Civil Code) only specifies that it is space above and below the earth 's surface. The scope of the plot is limited not only spatially, but also materially (concerns mineral resources located under the surface of the earth ). Therefore, the ownership right of the land owner extends only to natural resources ( sand , gravel , clay ), and does not include mineral resources that are not minerals ( gold , silver , metal ores).