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A manger, or trough, is a structure used to hold food to feed animals . The word manger originally referred to a feed-trough, but it may also be used to refer to a water -trough when this is not being used possibly because it is similar to an abreuvoir. Mangers are generally found at stables and farmhouses. A manger is generally made of either stone or wood or metal . Mangers are mostly used in livestock raising. They are also used to feed wild animals , e.g., in nature reserves. The word comes from the French manger (meaning "to eat"), from Latin manducare (meaning "to chew"). A manger is also a Christian symbol , associated with nativity scenes where Mary and Joseph, forced by necessity to stay in a room for animals instead of a guest room , used a manger as a makeshift crib for the Baby Jesus . (Greek: φατνη phatnē; Luke 2:7).