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Hatsune Miku (Japanese: 初音ミク), is the name of a Vocaloid software voicebank developed by Crypton Future Media , and its official moe anthropomorphism , a 16-year-old girl with long, turquoise twintails. She uses Yamaha Corporation 's Vocaloid 2, Vocaloid 3 and Vocaloid 4 singing synthesizing technologies. She also uses Crypton Future Media 's Piapro Studio , a singing synthesizer VSTi Plugin. She was the second Vocaloid sold using the Vocaloid 2 engine , and the first Japanese Vocaloid to use the Japanese version of the Vocaloid 2 engine . Her voice is modeled from Japanese voice actress Saki Fujita. Hatsune Miku's personification has been marketed as a virtual idol, and has performed at concerts onstage as an animated projection (rear cast projection on a specially coated glass screen).