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Grizzy and the Lemmings (other: Grizzly and the Lemmings) is a French CGI animated series produced for France Télévisions, Boomerang and Family Channel. Presumably inspired by Oggy and the Cockroaches (which was in turn inspired by Tom and Jerry ), the series was announced on 22 June 2015 , and debuted in many countries in fall 2016 . There is no dialogue in the show, except in India , where voiceovers are added.The series made its US debut on 3 April 2017 . It was renewed for a second season in 5 July 2017 , which is stated to air on a number of channels around the globe in 2018 , and premiered in the USA on 2 September 2018 . Grizzy, a grizzly bear living in a park ranger’s home, finds himself contending with a group of trouble-making lemmings in a forest in Canada . The show airs in the following countries : France : France 3 and Boomerang Germany : Boomerang and Super RTL Austria : Boomerang and Super RTL Switzerland : Boomerang Netherlands : NPO Zappelin and Boomerang Flanders: Boomerang Belgium : RTBF, VRT and Boomerang Italy : Boing , Cartoonito and Boomerang Spain : Boing Portugal : Zig Zag and Boomerang Angola: Boomerang Mozambique : Boomerang Greece : ERT and Boomerang Cyprus : Boomerang India : Pogo Iceland : RUV Denmark : Boomerang Sweden : SVT and Boomerang Norway : NRK and Boomerang Finland : YLE Pakistan : Cartoon Network Philippines : Cartoon Network Bangladesh : Cartoon Network Sri Lanka : Cartoon Network Poland : Boomerang , Cartoon Network and Puls 2 Czech: ČT :D Hungary : Boomerang (CEE), Kiwi TV Romania : Boomerang Estonia : TV3 Latvia : TV3 Latvia Israel : Hop! Channel Turkey : Boomerang and Minika Iran : IRIB Koodak & Nojavan Lithuania : LRT Kultūra Slovenia : POP TV Russia : Boomerang Ukraine : Niki Kids United States : Boomerang United Kingdom : Boomerang , Pop and Pop Max Ireland : Boomerang , Pop and Pop Max Canada : Télé-Québec, Family Jr. and Family Channel Australia : Boomerang Australia (Premiered October 10, 2016 ) New Zealand : Boomerang Japan : Cartoon Network South Korea : Cartoon Network and Boomerang Hong Kong : TVB Pearl Southeast Asia : Boomerang Latin America : Boomerang Middle East and North Africa : Cartoon Network Arabic, Cartoon Network ( Middle East and Africa ) and Boomerang Sub-Saharan Africa : BoomerangThe show airs in more than 200 countries .