grazing - choose a jigsaw puzzle to solve

Grazing is a method of feeding in which a herbivore feeds on plants such as grasses , or other multicellular organisms such as algae . In agriculture , grazing is one method used whereby domestic livestock are used to convert grass and other forage into meat , milk and other products. Many small selective herbivores follow larger grazers, who skim off the highest, tough growth of plants , exposing tender shoots. For terrestrial animals , grazing is normally distinguished from browsing in that grazing is eating grass or forbs, and browsing is eating woody twigs and leaves from trees and shrubs . Grazing differs from true predation because the organism being grazed upon is not generally killed. Grazing differs from parasitism as the two organisms live together in a constant state of physical externality (i.e. low intimacy). Water animals that feed for example on algae found on stones are called grazers-scrapers. Grazers-scrapers feed also on microorganisms and dead organic matter on various substrates.