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A fitness professional is a professional in the field of fitness and exercise, most often instruction (fitness instructor), including aerobics and yoga instructors and authors of fitness instruction books or manuals. Fitness topics may also include nutrition , weight-loss, and self -help. Fitness careers are distinguished from exercise science careers such as athletic training , however the various types of fitness certifications have more and more in common: the, "distinctions...have become blurred, with more similarities than differences given the common background that all fitness professionals must possess." Fitness professionals screen participants for exercise programs, evaluate various fitness components, prescribe exercise to improve these components, and may also help people with specific or chronic conditions.Fitness professionals help challenge an individual by increasing their performance , as compared to when a person would workout on their own. They also teach a person new workouts and how to improve their form, performance and help achieve goals.The key roles and duties of a fitness professional are to: motivate, assist clients and measure your heart rate and body fat levels. Trainers need to be patient , be well organized and have time management as well as interpersonal skills.“You are in a helping profession . Although you are not a social worker, psychologist or guidance counselor, neither are you simply a technician with advanced training in exercise science , biomechanics, program design and assessment methodology .”(Jim and Nettie Gavin) Notable fitness professionals or former fitness professionals include Richard Simmons, Susan Powter, John Sitaras and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Body Workout). Certified fitness professionals must maintain up-to- date on all certifications in order to instruct at particular health clubs and gyms. Often, fitness professionals will have some education in kinesiology, anatomy , and biomechanics to aid in their fitness career. In Canada , Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES) provides national fitness leadership program modules to take candidates through the steps in Aquafit, Group Fitness and/or Weight Training Instructor and Personal Trainer national certification.