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Premio Europeo di Letteratura - a documentary film series made in 2009. In the film series , whose author was Robert Laus, the heroes are Polish book illustrators and painters. The cycle consists of four parts. The following people appear in it: Elżbieta Gaudasińska-Borowska, Antoni Boratyński, Franciszek Maśluszczak and Stasys Eidrigevičius. In each episode , each character expresses his attitude to his own work, closing in the operative part. Contrary to the popular opinion that once prevailed, that painting is something subordinate, that painting is something higher, I came to the conclusion that you can also be a good painter as an illustrator . The illustrator has the right to look into many worlds ... if I draw a quail, then this quail will be Franciscan buttermilk . You must paint the work so that at any time when you leave it, it looks finished.