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KOC - Comic Cyclic Episode - a satirical television program by Sławomir Szczesniak and Grzegorz Wasowski, broadcast on TVP2 from March 11, 1995 to June 17, 2000. Replays were broadcast in summer (June-July) 2004 [footnote needed]. The program was removed due to falling viewership. The authors who previously appeared in the programs of Wojciech Mann and Krzysztof Materna Wise head ..., In a moment the continuation of the program, Very Emergency, presented a similar, absurd and intelligent type of humor in their program. KOC created a pair of T-rapers from above the Vistula, who in a rhythm of rap presented a youth version of Polish history or a summary of school readings. KAC - Comic Cyclic Broadcast Broadcast on TVP1 KAC continued the program. The first episode aired on April 7, 2001 at 22:00, the last broadcast was on December 16, 2001. [footnote needed] This program was removed from the antenna after only 9 episodes. As Wasowski stated in an interview for Onet in January 2014, the reason for the cessation of broadcasting was probably the plot of the program, where the president of a fictitious television station (in this role Wasowski himself) and his daughter, played by Lucyna Malec, were grotesquely and parodistically shown. According to Wasowski, the authorities of Polish Television accused him of the fact that such a plot is an allusion to TVP, although in reality it was not. KAC was repeated on TVP Kultura between September 2011 and January 2013 around noon.