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Warsaw 's Castle Square ( Polish : plac Zamkowy w Warszawie) is a historic square in front of the Royal Castle – the former official residence of Polish monarchs – located in Warsaw, Poland. It is a popular meeting place for tourists and locals. The Square (in a more or less triangular shape ) features the landmark Sigismund's Column to the south- west, and is surrounded by historic townhouses. It marks the beginning of the bustling Royal Route extending to the south.

The column commemorating King Sigismund III Vasa (a work by Clemente Molli, erected in 1644) is the oldest and one of the symbolic monuments of the city. On the east side of the square stands the Royal Castle reconstructed after the devastation of World War II. It was formerly the residence of the dukes of Mazovia, and then of the Polish kings and grand dukes of Lithuania from the 16th to 18th centuries. The Germans bombed and blew it up in the beginning of World War II (September 1939), and then completely destroyed in 1944–1945 (see picture below).

In 1949 the square was connected by an escalator to the newly formed Route W-Z (East- West Route), which runs under Castle Square though a tunnel ; and the viaduct (leading to the Silesian-Dąbrowski Bridge ) was built in the place of viaduct Pancer, destroyed during World War II. In 1907 the viaduct was modernized to handle electric trams that went over there less than a year later.

This square has witnessed many dramatic scenes in Polish history. Patriotic demonstrations took place there during the period before the outbreak of the January uprising of 1863.