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Bunch is a surname. According to George Fraser Black (The Surnames of Scotland , 1946), it is "a surname peculiar to Perth and neighbourhood , and found in Perth so early as first half of the fifteenth century". Notable people with the surname include: Arthur Bunch (1909–1973), football player Carl Bunch (1939–2011), American musician Charles Bunch (born 1950), American businessman Charlotte Bunch (born 1944), American feminist author Chris Bunch (1943–2005), American science fiction and television writer David R. Bunch, American writer of short stories and poetry Dewayne Bunch (disambiguation), multiple people Greg Bunch (born 1956), retired American basketball player Jarrod Bunch (born 1968), former American football player and actor Jim Bunch (born 1956), American football player and businessman John Bunch (1921–2010), American jazz pianist Jon Bunch (1970– 2016 ), American rock singer and songwriter Kenji Bunch (born 1973), American violist and composer Kenneth Cecil Bunch (1919–1942), United States Naval Aviator Lonnie Bunch (born 1952), American educator and historian Madeline Bunch, American entrepreneur from Santa Rosa, California Melvin Bunch (born 1971), former Major League Baseball pitcher Pat Bunch, American country music songwriter Ralph Bunch, UN diplomat from the United States Regina Bunch (born 1962), American educator and politician Samuel Bunch (1786–1849), American politician Shawn Bunch (born 1983), American wrestler and mixed martial artist Tyler Bunch (born 1970), American puppeteer, puppet designer , director, and actor Walter Bunch (1872–1937), English professional footballer At the time of the United Kingdom Census of 1881, the frequency of the surname Bunch was highest in the following counties, by order of frequency: 1. Hampshire (1: 6,807) 2. Angus (1: 6,940) 3. Staffordshire (1: 13,367) 4. Warwickshire (1: 15,820) 5. Essex (1: 30,338) 6. Middlesex (1: 33,583) 7. Hertfordshire (1: 40,344) 8.