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Brussels- South ( French : Bruxelles-Midi, Dutch: Brussel-Zuid, IATA code: ZYR) is one of the three major railway stations in Brussels ( the other two are Brussels Central and Brussels North) and the busiest station in Belgium . It is located on the territory of the municipality of Saint -Gilles/Sint-Gillis. The Brussels-Capital Region is bilingual; hence, both the French and Dutch names of the station are official . Outside Belgium , this often leads to the use of combined shorthands; for example in the Thomas Cook European Rail Timetable, Brussels- South is designated as Brussels Midi/Zuid; Dutch Railways announce the station as Brussel Zuid/Midi. The station is also connected to the Gare du Midi/Zuidstation station of the Brussels Metro system . "Le Midi" is reference to Southern France as far end of the trains leaving the Brussels from this station . A first station known as the Bogards/Bogaarden Station had existed, since 1840, near Rouppe Square in the southern part of the City of Brussels. The Belgian railway network grew rapidly during the second half of the 19th century , and the old station quickly became too small, so the authorities decided to demolish it. A new monumental station designed by architect Auguste Payen opened in 1869, a short distance south from the original site . Payen's terminal station was itself demolished in 1949 and replaced on its present site by a transit station , as part of the North– South connection project .