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Brook is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Abraham Brook (flourished 1789), English physicist and bookseller Basil Brook (1576 – c. 1646), English ironmaster, see Basil Brooke (metallurgist) Andrew Brook (born 1943), Canadian philosopher Benjamin Brook (1776–1848), English nonconformist minister and religious historian Charles Brook (philanthropist) (1814–1872), English philanthropist Claudio Brook (1927–1995), Mexican actor Clive Brook (1887–1974), English actor David Brook (disambiguation) Eric Brook (1907– 1965 ), English footballer Faith Brook (1922– 2012 ), English actress Helen Brook (1907– 1997 ), British family planning adviser Holly Brook (born 1986), American singer and songwriter Jayne Brook (born 1962), American actress Kelly Brook (born 1979), English model Michael Brook (born 1951 ), Canadian guitarist , inventor , producer, and film music composer Norman Brook, 1st Baron Normanbrook (1902–1967), British civil servant .