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La virgen de la calle is a telenovela premiered on Venezuelan broadcast channel Televen on March 3, 2014 , and concluded on August 29, 2014 , based on the Venezuelan drama produced by Radio Caracas Televisión, entitled Juana la virgen. Recorded in RCTV studios, the show is created Perla Farías and produced by RTI Producciones along with Televisa .It stars María Gabriela de Faría as Juana Pérez — A young high school student who becomes pregnant by mistake and unknowingly, along with Juan Pablo Llano as Mauricio Vega, Caridad Canelón as Azucena Pérez, Marjorie Magri as Desirée Rojas and Rosanna Zanetti as Carlota Rivas. Mauricio Vega, director of the magazine La verdad, is desperate for a son and heir, and he and his wife decide to use the services of a surrogate mother . Unfortunately, in the hospital the name of the surrogate is confused with that of Juana, a young student . Juana is artificially inseminated with Mauricio's semen . Juana starts work at "La verdad" and the two fall in love .