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That is why we live - the debut poetry volume of Wisława Szymborska published in 1952 in Warsaw by the "Czytelnik" Publishing Cooperative. On the basis of this volume, published in 1140 copies and kept in the stream of socialist realism, Szymborska was admitted to the Polish Writers' Union. In the year of publication, the poem "When an old worker reaches out over the cradle of the People's Constitution" was awarded in a competition by the Minister of Culture and Art, the Polish People's Association and the Polish Socialist Party. In 1954, the second edition of the volume also appears in "Reader", this time in an increased edition of 2,101 copies. In the same year Szymborska was awarded the Literary Award of the City of Krakow for the first two volumes ("That's why we live", "Questions Asked to Each Other").