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Aporia crataegi, the black -veined white, is a large butterfly of the family Pieridae.

It survives in much of Europe but it has been extinct in Great Britain since about 1925. It was a favourite of Sir Winston Churchill who tried to reintroduce the beautiful species to Southern England where it used to thrive in earlier times. He released colonies of Black veined whites in the large grounds of his home at Chartwell in Kent but they did not survive.

Subspecies include:

Aporia crataegi adherbal (Fruhstorfer, 1910) Japan

Aporia crataegi augusta (Turati, 1905) Sicily

Aporia crataegi augustior (Graves, 1925) – Jordania, Israel

Aporia crataegi banghaasi (Bryk, 1921)

Aporia crataegi basania (Fruhstorfer, 1910) Alps

Aporia crataegi colona (Krulikowsky, 1909) – Russia

Aporia crataegi crataegi (Linnaeus, 1758) Scandinavia

Aporia crataegi fert (Turati & Fiori, 1930) Greece

Aporia crataegi hyalina (Röber, 1907) Asia Minor

Aporia crataegi iranica (Forster, 1939) ( Armenia, Iran, Azerbaïdjan)

Aporia crataegi karavaievi (Krulikowsky, 1926) ( Russia, Ukraina, Balkans )

Aporia crataegi mauretanica (Obethür, 1909) Northern Africa

Aporia crataegi meinhardi (Krulikowsky, 1909) Siberia - Kamchatka Peninsula

Aporia crataegi pellucida (Ruber, 1907) Kopet-Dagh

Aporia crataegi rotunda (Eitschberger, 1971) ( Italy )

Aporia crataegi rutae (Bryk, 1940) ( Spain )

Aporia crataegi sachalinensis (Matsumura, 1925) Sakhalin

Aporia crataegi shugnana (Sheljuzhko, 1925) Pamir

Aporia crataegi tianschanica (Rühl, 1893)

Aporia crataegi transitoria (Lempke, 1974) (Central Europe )

It occurs in open forest, grazing land, orchards. lanes, gardens, meadows and thickets throughout most of Europe, temperate Asia, Korea, and Japan. This species is extinct in the British Isles.

The black -veined white has a wingspan of 51 to 70 mm (2.0 to 2.8 in). Females are commonly larger than males. The upperside of both forewings and hindwings is a translucent white boldly veined with black.