White roses - choose a jigsaw puzzle to solve

White roses , also known as Blooming White Rose buds - a Polish military and patriotic song was written around 1918, composed by Mieczysław Kozar-Słobódzki with the words of Kazimierz Wroczyński, Jan Lankau and other, anonymous authors . In the song , a young, lonely girl is in despair after losing her beloved Jasieńka, who went to war and never returned home. Someone (most likely another soldier ) describes the heroic death of Jasieńek and comforts the abandoned widow. White roses were performed and recorded by many artists. On the album Niepodległa Our Independent from 2008 was interpreted by Małgorzata Kożuchowska , whereas in the 1920 movie The Battle of Warsaw from 2011 was presented by Natasza Urbańska. The song is performed during various independence celebrations. The song during the Independence Concert on November 10, 2018 at the National Stadium in Warsaw for the 37,000 audience was performed by the team of the Little Army Janosik. Andrzej Romanowski: White buds bloomed ...: poems and songs from 1908-1918 about Poland , about war and about soldiers. Warsaw : Czytelnik, 1990. ISBN 83-07-01914-1.