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Ciacho - a Polish comedy directed by Patryk Vega, which premiered at the beginning of 2010. Photos lasted 27 days and ended in August 2009. Within 31 days of issues in Polish cinemas, the proceeds from ticket sales reached PLN 15 539 950. Basia ( Marta Żmuda Trzebiatowska ) works as a commissioner in the Central Investigation Bureau. She is madly in love with her boss - inspector Jan Kepski ( Tomasz Kot ), one of the greatest authorities in the Polish police . Meanwhile, there is an attack on cocaine transport . During the action, the respected officer Kępski reveals his true face . Basia, who is accompanying him, is arrested on charges of cooperation with a criminal organization and the murders of two gangsters and a police officer on duty. A testimony, testifying to the girl , consists of a gangster with the pseudonym "Ciasny Wiesiek" (Wojciech Mecwaldowski). A beautiful commissioner threatens 25 years of imprisonment.