Present - choose a jigsaw puzzle to solve is the largest online advocacy group for Latin American immigrants in the United States . It was co-founded by journalist Roberto Lovato and artist and activist Favianna Rodriguez in 2009 in order to "amplify the political voice of Latin @s" across the country and to help offer sustainable and stable standards of living for Latino immigrants whose political representation has been largely overlooked within the contemporary American society .Since its establishment,, a Latino organization based in Los Angeles , CA, organized various social movements such as "" and received recognition for its contributions to improving empowering political rights for Latino immigrants. In 2015 , a presidential candidate for the Democratic Party , Bernie Sanders, hired Arturo Carmona , the former Executive Director of, as the Latino Outreach and Southwest political director for his presidential campaign. The ultimate goal of is to extend "the political imagination and traditional boundaries" for Latino immigrants and promote social justice by implementing information technology and transforming cultural norms and notions for color , race and gender among individuals in the United States . The organization seeks to become a primary online hub for Latino community across the country . There is a wide array of tactics that implements in order to accomplish its fundamental goal including but not limited to: Offering Calls to Action through email , social media, and text message Organizing local-scale community events and house parties Advertising its events on radio and television believes that making a collective voice for Latinos of "all nationalities, generations, and regions" is indispensable for ultimately expanding the political spectrums for Latino community and other minority groups in the United States . Thus, it primarily focuses on online activation where individuals join and support its events through online petitions. To maximize the effectiveness of the organization 's strategy , is vertically structured with a group of several experts in social movements. At the moment, there are 8 members in the team including different positions of: Executive Director Senior Advisor Technology Consultants Campaign Consultants and StrategistsBy structuring the management team in such a way, attempts to draw the maximum number of participations in its online petition movements. With the advent of social media, also actively makes use of existing social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook where it promotes different social movements and receives charitable donations.