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Tadeusz Kalinowski, pseudonym "Doktor" (born on June 23, 1909 in Warsaw , died on May 7, 1997 in Poznań ) - Polish painter , set designer and graphic artist . A soldier of the Home Army and a Warsaw insurgent . Member of the Union of Polish Visual Artists. He was born on June 23, 1909 in Warsaw to the family of Konstanty's printer. In the years 1929-1937 he studied scenography, painting and interior architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw . Already in 1939 he started working with the most important inter- war directors: Leon Schiller and Wilam Horzyca. He created sets for their theaters in Łuck, Łódź and Lviv , where he was caught by the outbreak of war . He continued his cooperation after the war in Warsaw , Bydgoszcz , Łódź , Toruń and Poznań until 1953.