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Main City ( Polish : Główne Miasto, German: Rechtstadt) is the central, historic part of Gdańsk 's borough of Śródmieście. Unlike the Old Town and the New Town , the area was rebuilt after World War II and includes some of the city 's best known historical monuments , including the St. Mary's basilica , Golden Gate , Artus Court , Main City Hall , the Royal Road , Long Lane and Long Market . The Main City is located on the western bank of Motława . It is surrounded by the Old Town to the north, the Stare Przedmieście to the south, the borough of Nowe Ogrody to the east and the Granary Island to the east , across Motława . It was founded in 1343 by the Teutonic Knights who had conquered the area in 1308. Officially a separate settlement from the nearby city (since then called the Old Town ), it was chartered with Kulm Law , and was governed separately until 1457, when king Casimir IV of Poland granted the town with the Great Privilege, uniting the Main City with the Old Town and the suburb of Osiek. From then onwards the Main City shared its history with the rest of Gdańsk . In 19th century many houses in the largely mediaeval and renaissance part of Gdańsk received new, Gothic revival façades in line with a trend in Germany tying this style to "German spirit ". During World War II the Main City was often targeted by Allied bombing raids.