FInal Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis - choose a jigsaw puzzle to solve

Final Fantasy XV, an action role-playing video game released in November 2016 , is the fifteenth main installment in the Final Fantasy series , and is thematically connected to Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy , a subseries of games linked by a common mythos which includes Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0. The world and main characters were created by Tetsuya Nomura, the game's original director. Nomura also designed the main characters, with later revisions and additional characters being designed by Yusuke Naora: other character designers involved with the game included Roberto Ferrari and Yusaku Nakaaki. The story revolves around a conflict between Lucis, the last free kingdom in the world , and the expansionist empire of Niflheim. The main protagonist is Noctis Lucis Caelum , sole heir to the throne of Lucis. On his journey, he is accompanied by three companions: Gladiolus Amicitia, a brother -figure from a noble family sworn to Noctis's protection; Ignis Scientia, Noctis's strategist; and Prompto Argentum, a friend of Noctis from a lower-class family . A key character is Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, Noctis's fiancée through an arranged marriage . Other characters include Noctis's father Regis, the king of Lucis; Cor Leonis, a famous warrior of Lucis; Gentiana, Lunafreya's companion and attendant; Cindy, who with her grandfather Cid acts as mechanic for Noctis' car ; and Iris, Gladiolus 's sister . Characters from Niflheim serve as the game's main antagonists, including emperor Iedolas Aldercapt, his chancellor Ardyn Izunia, Lunafreya's brother Ravus Nox Fleuret, and mercenary dragoon Aranea Highwind. Originally a spin-off game titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the game changed multiple times during its ten-year development cycle, including the redesign or removal of characters and story elements.