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1000 zlotys 1982 model John Paul II - commemorative 1000 zloty coin , minted in silver , on a disc 31 mm in diameter, put into circulation on October 5, 1982 by the decree of September 29, 1982, withdrawn from the date of the January 1, 1995 denomination year, the regulation of the President of the National Bank of Poland of November 18, 1994 (MP of 1994 No. 61, item 541). The coin commemorated the second visit of John Paul II to Poland . In the central point there is an emblem - an eagle without a crown, on the sides of the eagle year 19 82 or 19 83, an inscription " POLISH RZECZPOSPOLITA LUDOWA", an inscription "ZŁ 1000 ZŁ" below, and a mint mark in Warsaw under the Eagle 's paw . On this side of the coin there is the left profile of John Paul II in piusk, and underneath the inscription "JAN • PAWEŁ • II". The coin was minted in the Mint of Poland , in silver , 625, on a disc with a diameter of 31 mm, weight 14.5 grams, with a smooth edge, in two years 1982 and 1983, according to the design of St.Wątróbska-Frindt. The coinage in individual years was as follows: Both from the issue of 1982 and 1983, coins from the beginning of the beating process were selected, i.e. with a glossy background and slightly matt drawing , which were distributed on the primary market in plastic boxes as collector's coins . With selected coins sometimes erroneous information is reported to have been minted with a mirror punch.