Uma ♥♥

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Uma ♥♥ jigsaw puzzle

The daughter of Urszula, a witch from the "Little Mermaid". Uma is egocentric, ruling, likes to be the center of attention and sow fear among her fellow countrymen. At the side of her mother at the marina she runs a bar with sea food. Unfortunately, this does not belong to her favorite activities. Meanwhile, he commands a group of descendants of corrupt pirates, planning cruel revenge on Eva, Carlos, Jay, and especially on Mal. Ever since the memory has been with Mal rivals, whose everyday occupation was to make life difficult. When Mal and his friends came to Auradon and began to lead a new life, Uma honestly envied their opportunity and vowed to take revenge.

dance woman bench person fashion accessory fashion man tradition renaissance tribe descendants china anne mcclain phone descendants 3 human human face looking cellphone uma

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Es la mejor del mundo y también muy hermodisisisisisisisisisisisisima de desendientes ???

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