Bella Thorne

Kamcia2 20 2016-08-16
Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne was born in Florida. He has three siblings: the actor Remy's brother, and two sisters: models Dani and Kaili. Bella's first photo session was at the age of six, in the American magazine Parents Magazine. Since then, she has been on the covers of many other magazines in the United States, and has appeared in a large number of commercials. At the age of six, she made her dream of an acting career come true. She appeared in the movie "Condemned to Himself". She made her debut as a fan of MC Sideline, which brought her quite a lot of popularity. Over the next few years, Thorne was invited to appear in various movies, series and commercials until 2010, when she and Zendaya Coleman got the lead role in the new Disney Channel series, Dance rules. For the purposes of this series, she began to dance and record songs. That's how she became a popular singer, actress, dancer and model all over the world.

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