Ludmiła Ferro

Ludmi4 9 2016-08-15
Ludmiła Ferro

Ludmiła Ferro is one of the heroines from the purple telenovela Fri. Violetta. At first she is angry, mean and stupid, she does everything to harm Violetta. But it is slowly starting to change in the second season of Violetta. Especially when she realizes that she is in love with Federico, the boy who won the first season of Violetta Yumix. One day they kiss them and have become a couple since then. In the third season, Violetta Fede and Ludmi were happy together but they also broke through Ludmiła's mother, Priscila. However, their love was being broken and, as I said before, Lyudmila completely changed in the third season of Violetta. She was nice to others, she helped herself and she also accepted Violetta. To sum up, Ludmila is a very good girl in the depths of her soul with an amazing talent, although this is only known in the last season, in the final episodes of Violetta it does not do anything that has changed. <3

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