Hallstatt in Austria

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Hallstatt in Austria puzzle

BAJKOWY VIEW. Hallstatt is a postcard, a town not considered unjustifiably the most beautiful in Austria, an absolutely obligatory point on the route around the country. In the holidays it can be unbearably crowded here - there is a lack of parking spaces, narrow streets, crowds of tourists from all over the world squeeze the stairs to take the most convenient places on the viewing terraces, go on a cruise, sit in a restaurant. Everybody is visiting Hallstatt - Germans, Frenchmen, Spaniards, Poles, but in recent years, the Japanese and the countrymen of Mr. Zhou, the Chinese, have loved them. The entire commune is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Hatstatt's popularity was enraptured by the Chinese, who built a copy of Hallstatt in their country, thereby provoking an international scandal. The town is often considered the most beautiful in all of Austria. A wonderful, fairy-tale summer landscape.

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