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Pocahontas jigsaw puzzle

The arrival of the ship to the New World with English settlers and gold diggers led by the greedy Governor Ratcliffe alerted the Indians of the impending danger. The curious and beautiful daughter of the Indian chief - Pocahontas meets the Englishman John Smith. At first he considers him the same person as Ratcliffe, but the distrust quickly fades away. The Indian princess quickly introduces Smith to the world of Indian beliefs with the help of her mischievous friends - Meeko the raccoon and Flita the hummingbird show John the beauty of Indian nature, and they finally fall in love with each other. Filled with age-old wisdom, the four-hundred-year-old Grandma Willow - a mystical soul enchanted in a tree trunk - teaches young people to listen to the heart and nature, and helps them find a way for both visitors and native inhabitants, coming from two completely different cultures and worlds, to live together in peace. Finally, Pocahontas has to follow his heart and choose his right path, and this task is not easy.

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