The little Mermaid

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The little Mermaid jigsaw puzzle

Ariel, the fun-loving mermaid, is charmed by the human world. Contrary to his father's orders to keep him away, he comes to the surface and saves the prince of his dreams during a storm. Determined to become human, she makes a deal with the cunning sea witch, Ursula, and swaps her fins and tail for legs. With the help of her best friend, the cute and talkative Florek, and the singing guardian, Sebastian the Crab, Ariel must win Prince Eric's love and save her father's kingdom - a crazy race against time awaits!

woman girl elephant bear table colorful horse ariel painting bird fictional character vertebrate person costume drawing doll animation beak wing flightless bird hat galliformes fowl poultry phasianidae photo costume hat made flounder small decorated large scuttle

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