Lion King

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Lion King
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The Lion King - SIMBA AND NALA The Lion King - SIMBA AND NALA 72

Simba is born, a young lion cub, who is to be the heir to the throne of Lion Earth. Father Mufasa and mother Sarabi teach their child how to hunt properly and prepare to rule. During one of the trips, Simba asks his father about a dark place in the distance. His parent is forbidden to go there. Soon after, Mufasa's brother, Skaza, awakens the lion's curiosity, explaining to his nephew that it is an elephant graveyard. The disobedient son sets off with his friend Nala to see the dark place in person. At the graveyard, a couple are ambushed by hyenas. At the last moment, Simba's father saves the little lions. Soon after, Skaza, who plans to seize power, sets a trap for the heir to the throne with the hyenas. She leads him into the ravine and releases him a herd of rushing wildebeest. Mufasa goes to save his son. He manages to save Simba, but dies himself, betrayed by Scar. A frightened lion cub blames himself for his father's death and flees from Lion Land. In the wilderness, he is found by the meerkat Timon and the warthog Pumbaa, a crazy couple of friends. Thanks to them, the adolescent lion has the opportunity to learn what is the most important in life.

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