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Rivet connection - inseparable, indirect, mechanical connection of elements using rivets usually in the form of cylindrical pins with heads. Riveting for a long time was the most important method of joining metal structural elements. In most situations, due to simpler production technology, nowadays rivet joints have been replaced by welded and welded joints. Historically used in shipbuilding. Riveting is used to connect sheets, strips and steel sections, girders, brackets, trusses, as well as to inseparably connect various parts of machines and objects. With lap riveting (when the sheets are wrapped around the edges) and with a high density of rivets, a high tightness of the connection can be achieved. This allows the use of rivets in the construction of various types of tanks, including pressure ones. Riveting is divided into: ordinary, when both "heads" of the rivet are above the surface of the riveted parts, tubular, lenticular, low mushroom covered, when the rivet heads are hidden flush with the surface of the joined parts. Because this type of riveting has worse strength properties, it is only used as a last resort. Rivet in its original form consists of a head (1) and a shank (neck) (2).