dixie d'amelio και chali d'amelio

1.0 jazmin jimenez 81 2020-11-19
dixie d'amelio και chali d'amelio
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I don't like Charli but.....sorry chali d´amelio jazmin jimenez no problem y a ti tambien minju perdon por hablarte mal the biggest wizone perdon por hablarte malyo tambien me tradusco con traductor de google si me perdonas esta todo bien The biggest wizone thank you chali d´amelio i don't care your opinion. jazmin jimenez i dont know spanish i use google translate jazmin jimenez ????? me traduces Antoni, come and get me from here jazmin jimenez minju does well. Are you problem with she? She will do whatever she wants and dont care for minju chali d´amelio look at yourself hola minju ten ojo con lo que le dices a charli d´amelio por todos los dias cambias de idioma Hello, look who´s talking,look at yourself before talking about those of more minju you are stupid bye chali d´amelio are you stupid THAT´S ME WITH MY SISTER @DIXIE I LOVE HER VERY MUCH THANK YOU

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