Sarah's Scribbles is a webcomic by Sarah Andersen since 2011. Andersen initially published the webcomic on Tumblr, but has since released it on various services, such as Facebook, Instagram and Line Webtoon. Sarah's Scribbles follows Andersen's experiences as a Millennial and focuses on themes such as adulthood and maturity. In March 2016, Andersen published a print collection of her webcomic, titled Adulthood is a Myth. This was followed in March of 2017 by Big Mushy Happy Lump. A third collection, Herding Cats, was published in March of 2018.
Psychedelic Doodle - Psychedelic Doodle is the work of Jon Burgerman, which is an intriguing tangle of scribbles in which
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Psychedelic Doodle

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