Theatrical scenery is that which is used as a setting for a theatrical production. Scenery may be just about anything, from a single chair to an elaborately re-created street, no matter how large or how small, whether the item was custom-made or is the genuine item, appropriated for theatrical use.
Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel. The city is located in the Tel Aviv District on the c
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Tel Aviv

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Catania - Sicily - The east coast of Sicily, a black city at the foot of Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Euro
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Catania - Sicily

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Hallstatt in Austria - Hallstatt is a postcard, a town not considered unjustifiably the most beautiful in Austria, an absol
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Hallstatt in Austria

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Slovenia - A country located in Central Europe on the Adriatic Sea. The capital and the largest city of the cou
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Gold autumn - Beautiful Polish, golden autumn.
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Gold autumn

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Tatra trails - Wodoki from the Tatra Mountains, mountains surrounded by fog.
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Tatra trails

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Green marina - A green paradise view with a waterfall. The charms of nature.
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Green marina

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Autumn leads - Polish autumn, different colors on trees.
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Autumn leads

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Birch forest - In the picture, a river, birch and forest. Magical scenery. Everything like a fairy tale. Smooth sur
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Birch forest

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Desert views - In the picture, desert and desert vegetation. A large area with no dense vegetation due to the small
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Desert views

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A sheet of water - A lake with a perfectly smooth surface of water, where vegetation can be seen.
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A sheet of water

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Rainbow tree - Landscape with a meadow and a tree with a rainbow in the background
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Rainbow tree

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LITTLE SLOPE - Island on the lake. Surrounded by trees, everywhere a forest. Nice, blue water color. Beautiful view
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forest in the sun - The rays of the sun pierce through the branches of trees. Forest or forest biocenosis as defined by
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forest in the sun

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Dubai Gardens - gardens, spring, vegetation
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Dubai Gardens

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Amsterdam - Amsterdam is the capital city and the constitutional capital of the Netherlands. Most governmental i
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benten temple - The Daigoji Temple, Kyoto, was the center of the evolution of architecture, both religious and secul
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benten temple

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Sunset by the sea - In astronomy by sunset is meant the moment when the upper part of the solar disk exceeds the horizon
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Sunset by the sea

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Greek sky - Halkidiki can boast the most beautiful beaches in Greece, it is a perfect combination of the Greek w
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Greek sky

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A fabulous road - Dora, beautiful sky.
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A fabulous road

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Forest magic - Landscape filled with trees. Trees in green, yellow and brown, you can see a piece of water.
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Forest magic

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Yosemite National Park - Mountains reflecting off the water's surface. A national park located in the USA, in central Ca
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Yosemite National Park

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Iceland stone houses - The homestead in Stöng is one of the richest residences of the old Vikings. It has a very extensive
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Iceland stone houses

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Budapest's kingdom - The capital and largest city of Hungary, located in the northern part of the country, on the Danube.
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Budapest's kingdom

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Beauty of nature - Photograph made on the boat. Beautiful mountains and water.
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Beauty of nature

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San Martino Park - The Paneveggio Pale Natural Park in San Martino is located in a mountain area. In its area you can a
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San Martino Park

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Pink colors of nature - A beautiful photo. Landscape with a pink sky, all surrounded by high rocky mountains. Between the mo
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Pink colors of nature

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Forest Adventure - Beautiful photo of the forest. The forest is a complex of vegetation specific for a given geographic
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Forest Adventure

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Fairytale snowstorm - Inspiring European landscapes inspired by the folk tales of the Brothers Grimm, photographed by Kili
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Fairytale snowstorm

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Tongariro Crossing - Tongariro Alpine Crossing in the Tongariro National Park is one of the most spectacular tourist trai
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Tongariro Crossing

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