Salaryman (サラリーマン,, Sararīman, salaried man) refers to a man whose income is salary based, particularly those working for corporations. It has gradually become accepted in Anglophone countries as a noun for a Japanese white-collar worker or businessman. The term salaryman refers exclusively to men; for women the term career woman or, for lower prestige jobs, office lady is used. Japan's society prepares its people to work primarily for the good of the whole society rather than just the individual, and the salaryman is a part of that. Salarymen are expected to work long hours, additional overtime, to participate in after-work leisure activities such as drinking and visiting hostess bars with colleagues, and to value work over all else. The salaryman typically enters a company after graduating college and stays with that corporation his whole career. Other popular notions surrounding salarymen include karōshi, or death from overwork. In conservative Japanese culture, becoming a salaryman is the expected career choice for young men and those who do not take this career path are regarded as living with a stigma and less prestige. On the other hand, the word salaryman is sometimes used with derogatory connotation for his total dependence on his employer and lack of individuality.
Drake and Josh - The series is about two 15-year-old boys whose parents are getting married and they are forced to li
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Drake and Josh

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Anime Boys - Wallpaper Anime Boys
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Anime Boys

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Matteo Balsano - Matteo to syn włoskiego dyplomaty. Ze względu na charakter pracy ojca miał okazję mieszkać w wi
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Matteo Balsano

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Stefan Salvatore - Stefan Salvatore jest głównym bohaterem serii oraz wampirem. Urodził się w Mystic Falls, jako sy
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Stefan Salvatore

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Boys Disco Polo - to jest zdjecie zespol boys.
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Boys Disco Polo

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Troy Bolton - Zac Efron jako Troy Bolton
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Troy Bolton

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Saigo no Keikan2 - Saigo no keikan odcinek 1
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Saigo no Keikan2

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Saigo no Keikan - Ichigo i Soga z dramy Saigo no Keikan.
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Saigo no Keikan

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Drake i Josh - Drake i Josh na gali.
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Drake i Josh

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Afromental - 7 wspaniałych, utalentowanych a przede wszystkim przystojnych chłopaków :)
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ReBelDe xDxD - haskld kjdshzfkahsdkfasflkasjd
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ReBelDe xDxD

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M jak miłość Tvp 2 - M jak miłość Tvp 2
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M jak miłość Tvp 2

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M jak miłość Tvp2 - M jak miłość Tvp2
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M jak miłość Tvp2

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Zayed Khan - Przystojny Zayed Khan na gali.
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Zayed Khan

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