A roar is a type of animal vocalization consisting of both a low fundamental frequency (pitch) and low formant frequency. Mammals of various species don the ability to produce roars and other roar-like manners of vocalizing. These include lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, gorillas, elephants, some ungulates, some bovids, howler monkeys, bears, red deer, some pinnepids and hammer-headed bats. The ability to roar has an anatomical basis, often involving modifications to the larynx and hyoid bone and enlarged internal air spaces for low-frequency acoustic resonance. While roaring, animals may stretch out their necks and elevate their heads to increase the space for resonance. Though usually airborne, some roars are emitted underwater, as in the case of the male harbor seal.
Oh my God - surprise that Monday is coming
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Oh my God

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pets and animals - beautiful animals and even more beautiful
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pets and animals

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A companion - pleasant playmate
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A companion

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lew na skale - naprawdę trudny obrazek, ale warto spróbować to ułożyć
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lew na skale

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zwierzęta świata - biały, potężny lew
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zwierzęta świata

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Król lew - Simba, Timon i Pumba
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Król lew

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Król lew - Simba, Pumba i Timon
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Król lew

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puzzle lew - puzzle lew #ładne #lew #puzzle
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puzzle lew

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Leżący lew - Szkic pięknego kota
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Leżący lew

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tygrys w wodzie - tygrys w wodzie zęby
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tygrys w wodzie

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Yearbook - Yearbook 2014 Arlington high school
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ryczący wielki tygrys - ryczący wielki tygrys
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ryczący wielki tygrys

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tygrysek - mój tatuaż. Biały tygrys w czarne pasy w groźnej pozie.
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